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Wednesday, November 18, 20091:04 PM
✖ [[ kiss kiss ]] ✖

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Sunday, October 11, 20091:11 AM
✖ [[ 我愛猪 ]] ✖

dark cloud will always be cleared from the sky. =)

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Saturday, October 10, 20091:33 PM
✖ [[ 10 months ]] ✖

what happened to us in this 10 months?
remember first few months where i feel so good to be love by her.
but the following months down the road we are just quarrelling.
have the meihui i know changed? have the jim she know changed too?
i just need someone to tell us what happening to us?
is it so hard to suit each other and love each other?
yes.. its a pleasure to be loved and a pain to love.
but i will still love her with all i can.
i know there's time i disappoint her and upset her.
i know my wrong. i regretted. i wish we were still like the past.
the past when we shower each other love. even thot now we still does.
but its no longer like last time. where we dont quarrel.
why is it cos of things we quarrel now?
so many unanswered question that i wish there's a answer to it.

my heart is crying. my tears are dripping..

the love shape sandwich made on xmas.
the couple banglet you gave.
the " xiang si dou " keychain you made.
the love u showered on me.

this 10 months seem short. but i went through alot with her in this 10 months.. there's misunderstanding, unhappiness and agruements.. i love her.. i don't wish to lose her.. am i asking for too much? am i too much for her? i dont want quarrels. can we sit down and talk things out? why cant we? is it cos we both too petty? sigh..

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Wednesday, October 7, 200912:22 PM
✖ [[ zhu ah ma funeral ]] ✖

went zhu ah ma funeral yesterday.. first time see all her relative make me feel so shy.. i am a shy person mah.. >.< LOLS

went up her house with her.. she play her comp and i play her dog awhile.. soon her sister, brother and maid came back.. a bug flew in too.. think its her ah ma bah.. cos keep fly into the ah ma room.. and suddenly disappear infront of me.. O.o

after that me and zhu went downstair i went to pray her ah ma and i told her ah ma.. ah ma ah.. im meihui boyfriend.. i promise u i will take good care of her.. pls look after us and let us have a smooth relationship till u see me and her de wedding.. LOLS.. hehex..

after that we went to buy mac.. den stay downstair with her cousin to guard the funeral.. at 3 or 4 like tht i cannot tahan le.. very sleepy.. den me and zhu went upstair.. starting i say dun wan slp.. den later i lie on the bed facing the floor.. den she follow me aso.. den we doze off like that.. hehex.. we so cute.. LOLS.. love her lots.. this morning wake up go eat mac again den i come home le.. later go find her again.. loves loves..

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Wednesday, September 30, 20092:14 PM
✖ [ HAPPY !!! ] ✖

book out at 11.30am.. sms-ed my baby laopo.. and meet her at my house nearby bus stop and went to buy breakfast.. she woke up early just for me.. at first kinda disappointed cos we dont have much time together cos i need go driving.. so just wanna spend my precious time with her.. love her alot..

now we at home le.. both of us finish breakfast le.. and i saw something i shouldn't see.. not good to give too detail about it.. haha.. its BLACK.. =x

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Tuesday, September 29, 200911:25 AM
✖ [[ the days ahead ]] ✖

yesterday went to fetch piggy piggy from school after i finish my work in camp.. she brought biscult along with her coming to my house.. we took cab to house den jiejie was so happy to see biscult.. loves piggy hug hug and kiss kiss

sometimes life jus turn so useless.. but my mission is to endure and find solution.. no matter what.. i dont want my girl to suffer with me too much.. its time i plan for my future to bring happiness for her..

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Monday, September 28, 200912:03 AM
✖ [[ 2 weeks ]] ✖

2 weeks no see my pig pig.. finally friday night able to see her.. she finish school le went to help her friend do homework.. hate her friends.. always steal her time when i need her the most.. everyday can see her le still want snatch with me who can only see her when we r free.. after tht took cab to fetch my piggy from her sch.. ask her wait me le.. she still anyhow walk to bugis.. haiyo.. so cute la her.. love her so much.. after tht we stay at our love nest.. the rest is our secret.. LOLS

from friday pig pig stay with me till saturday.. went to take MC cos i want pei my pig pig.. den brought pig pig like de KFC breakfast.. quite nice.. =D our dinner was KFC aso.. den send my pig pig home.. overall very happy.. but we quarrelled again.. cos she very unhappy.. nvm la.. =D

today woke up late.. den pig pig no come my hse.. den i very sad.. sigh.. after tht went to buy tart for pig.. but shop no open.. den went to find her.. she make cola drink give me drink cos i coughing.. hehex.. den later we went shop and save to buy alot alot food.. happy hugging my pig pig.. and happy tht she hug me.. so lovely.. just like a newly couples going shopping for they daily items.. i love her lots..

even thot there are days we quarrel.. but those days are the days we became stronger.. piggy change alot on her attitude and character for this relationship.. love her.. hope she dont change too much aso la.. cos i love the way she is.. love love..

for those trying to break us apart.. or come in between us as third party.. i promise to tear u apart.. and make a party (your funeral) for u.

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